Vibration of today !

Will classical massage catching the physical tension in this modern day?

Buathon Thienarrom Ph.D

From my working experience as holistic health practitioner, I have found nowadays people do have more and more physical tension, and it is not easily to releasing with the classical massage, especially the tension around neck and shoulder. And even you have tried to work at deeper level, the clients are response as pain and resistant to the massage, therapist is very exhausted as try to releasing the knots and tension. This is allowed the coming of the body –works that try to utilize the multi skills to guide the client into relaxation state thus allow the physical to relax, mental is letting go.

Where are the cause of the tension, in the past we were walking a lot, and traditional massage start from your feet, now the lifestyle has changed we are now thinking lots more with static posture, so the cause of the physical tension starting from not enough circulation and thought thus manifest into physical tension.

Once you visit the spa for a massage, you do feel relax during the massage and at later state the tension is back, some of you may feel relax as the body is heavy so you are ready to lying down as the toxin is start moving out from the body.

However, having massaged with the body-worker you may experience emotion release, clarity and lighter after the session. As I mentioned that now the cause of physical is now changing, as it is more on energy and mental level, so we are all need to be aware to how to address at the root of the problem.

And for the therapists are require to have more understanding the lifestyle of this modern days, and able to perform multi-skills to help your clients to overcome the tension with your Healing hand.

Becoming a healing Hand, the therapist is required more skills on breathing technique, energy work, relaxation and counseling technique to be able to manage the demand in near future.



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