The Healing Room



Physical Tension Release and Abdominal Detox

60mins / 90mins

The customized therapeutic massage is designed to encourage the energy (Qi) to flow throughout the body, to release cranial, chest and abdominal tension, as well as to stimulate the lymphatic flow; supporting the release of toxins, ZenNaTai induces a deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind. The treatment promotes better digestion and sleep quality.

Energy Enhancing

Energy Healing & Tibetan Sound Therapy


Awaken the chakra energy with seven precious healing oils that activate the body’s subtle energy flow. Enhanced with the restorative sound vibration from a Tibetan singing bowl that resonates with the body fluid, the body’s energy is cleansed and rejuvenated.

Mind Transformation

Emotional Wellness & Mind Training

60mins / 90mins

The mind is the master of the body. Mind transformation sessions promote emotional wellness through conscious breathing, unlocking your “unfinished matter” and transforming your stress and emotions into vitality and mental clarity.

Private Transformation Retreat -5 days

“Unwinding your body and awakening your mind”

Your private retreat begins with a holistic consultation to set your goal and design your custom program. It includes a 2- hour healing session per day customized to your needs including ZenNaTai, Tibetan sound therapy and breathing practices to reunite your body and mind. Receive a therapeutic healing oil to complete the experience in your own privacy.

Sleep retreat -7 days

“ Renewing your body and your soul”

Relaxing your busy mind and be within your pure nature, by allowing the body to rest and the mind to heal. Your sleep retreat begins with private consultation to recognize physical and emotional tension. It includes 2- hour healing session per day customized to your needs including ZenNaTai, Tibetan sound therapy, Raindrop therapy and specific mind training to harmonize body, mind and soul. Receive Himalayan peace and clam oil to enjoy your journey in your own privacy.

8 Replies to “The Healing Room”

  1. I am interested in “Private Transformation Retreat -5 days” could you give me more information please?

    1. Hi Maggie, the program is two hours a day to work on your body and mind.

      The retreat excluded accommodation, meal and transportation.

      At this moment, it will be private retreat unless you will come with small group, and the cost is USD 1000 per person

      Thank you

      Kind wishes, Buathon

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