We entered in an era where it is too late to seek for “Well-Being”, but mostly the way to be able to survive…

” To be able to get ourselves free, becoming totally independent with our respiratory harmony, and trusting only yourself, is the unique tool we’ve inherited. This tool will allow us to respect others and fight this universal sickness that we, Humans, have created…”

Erasmo Phédratan

Join Dominique Lonchant, the Breathing Master

Pranayama: “The Breath for the change of your life”

January 10th, 11th, 12th: 3 pm.-4.30 pm.
(Maximum 4 person per class)

Breathing represents your life, learn the art of breathing through abdominal breathing, mid-chest breathing and upper chest breathing and allow the whole body to attaining the optimal vitality.

Breathing is a great tool as “fountain of youth”, improving concentration and sleeping quality

Private session is also available on request, please contact: sukkasart@gmail.com
Tel: +6681 858 3823