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Fact about Singing Bowls

By Buathon Thienarrom Ph.D

handmade singing bowl

As nowadays singing bowls are using as part of sound therapy or vibrational sound healing, as the sound frequencies will slow down the brain waves thus calm down the thoughts and inducing relaxation state.

Singing bowls have seven notes similar to musical notes and vibrate for 7 chakras healing, the identification of singing bowl note related to the sound that produces from each bowl while the identification of each note to each chakra base on vibrational practice of each school of training.

From my background of using and training on singing bowls therapy and assisting on selecting the healing bowls to my students in the past 10 years, I would like to share my experience base on chakra and singing bowl musical note as following:

Chakra Musical note
Crown B
3rd Eye E
Throat A
Heart D
Solar Plexus G
Sacral C
Root F

Singing Bowls Usage:

  • Introducing one bowl for relaxation prior starting treatment as sound ritual, would highly recommend to use Heart or Solar Plexus bowl or D or G and using vibration with drumstick which produce subtle sound for deep relaxation rather than striker stick. Heart or solar plexus are considering as the center of the body, which you can use one bowl with good quality and the sound will easily vibrate and bring harmony the rest of chakras.
  • For 3 bowls, to balance body, mind and spiritual energies, by using Root, Crown and Solar plexus bowls or F-B-G
  • For 4 bowls, to harmony the energy, consider using Root, Crown, Heart and Solar plexus bowls or F-B-D-G
  • For 7 bowls, for completed healing as opening and closing chakra, this is required a proper training to enhancing physical and mental of therapist to perform a treatment.
  • Using leather striker stick is good to distraction the physical and mental energy, and very good to practice meditation while the drumsticks provide the for a subtle sound and a good vibration for healing and for singing bowls healing it is not just about the sound but rather that the frequencies of vibration thus vibrating water tide or circulatory system within the body. And the completed healing of 7 chakra bowls it produce to subtle filed similar to magnetic or vibration chamber around the body.



Singing bowls characteristic:

Most of singing bowls that I will introduce specialized  on healing purpose, all the bowls are handmade and craft by singing bowls musician and shamanic healing family in the past two generations, all bowls are seven metals consist of Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin and Lead

  • Master grade, Full Moon singing bowls, consist of 7 metals produce only on full moon night with full moon energy promote the subtle deep sound and vibration, this is very good for healing purpose.
  • Meditation grade, consisting of 7 metals bowls, this is can be supply as retail and home use.

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About me:

20151129_ATB0339_SG_Buathon Portraits

Dr. Buathon is a Holistic Practitioner from Thailand with an intensive knowledge in alternative medicine, Taoist practice and Tibetan medicine.

Her journey is to seek a way to deliver an integration of the Body, Mind and Spirit through a good health backed with her exclusive background in Nursing, Psychology and Health Sociology. She gradually crated ZenNaTai, a unique approach to holistic healing that allows the body to release the tension, generate chi flow and encourage a peaceful mind.

Buathon has an extensive experience with leading health concept at Chiva-Som, Chi Spa at Shangri-la Bangkok, Six Senses Spas. She is practicing her alternative healing skills though retreat program and Visiting practitioner program to various spas: The Oriental Spa Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, RWS Singapore, One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives, and Amanoi Resort Vietnam. She is also the founder of Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts, Hua Hin Thailand.






Meditation as Mind Medication

More and more people are turning to alternative or non-traditional methods to treat medical conditions.

One such technique, meditation, is gaining popularity as a legitimate medical therapy.

Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention and mind on something that makes you feel calm and relaxed and gives you clarity about your life, says medical contributor Dr. Mallika Marshall.

For thousands of years, people have recognized that meditation has wonderful health and psychological benefits.

The medical community is becoming much more accepting of meditation as a legitimate treatment for many different medical problems, such as anxiety, stress and depression. It’s being used treat all kinds of chronic pain. People are using meditation to try to quit smoking. It’s also being used for alcohol and drug addiction. And the National Institutes of Health is even recommending meditation for high blood pressure. Studies have show also that it can help women who suffer from PMS, menopausal hot flashes and even infertility.

Meditation helps your enter a relaxation state that can lower your heart rate, your blood pressure, slow down your breathing and relax your muscles. Some experts have compared it to a “reset button” for your body.

Meditation is something that most people can safely try on their own, though there are many techniques out there — so you may want to read up on different ways to meditate.

Here is a basic meditation technique to get started. Sit or lie in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Simply focus on your breathing, focusing all your attention on sensation of air moving in and out of your body. Then starts smiling down to your heart, sending a positive energy to your heart, allow your heart to open and relax and letting go of the worries you may have. Do this for about 20 minutes every day if you can. In the beginning, your mind will wander and come back to the present, but don’t despair, simply refocus your mind and try again. By practicing this, it will allow your mind to rest and dealing with unfinished business, and noticing your emotion baggage.

Since meditation involves sitting quietly for a period of time and simply breathing, it may be difficult for people who have breathing problems or can’t stay still. People with certain conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or psychosis may not be able to concentrate. And don’t forget traditional medical treatments in favor or just doing meditation. It should be used to complement any other treatments your doctor has recommended for you.

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Dear all friends,

Thank you for all birthday wishes, Sukkasart is now 6 years in the community. I began with the holistic concept that serves to the spas; and special thanks to my first client: the Chi Spa at Shangri-la, Bangkok. From there I have moving on toward the real meaning of Sukkasart ; the science of happiness, the happiness is within all of us, we just need to find the path to re-connected, Sukkasart is remain ourselves as the seed to grow for the tree of happiness.

Sukkasart @ Hua Hin have established on December 10th, 2007 as the healing center and let our seed of happiness nurture our community, and transform to Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts on December 9th, 2010 and Sukkasart focuses on personal development as the key to fulfill the inner happiness.

Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts is your resource of body –mind and spiritual well-being; focuses on health enhancement, lifestyle and an education for anyone seeking health conscience and balancing of body, mind and spirit, Sukkasart will also provide training and workshop for spa profession for the health and wellness. For further information

Be part of Sukka Community and share your path of personal development by join us on Sukka Dialogue


Buathon and Sukkasart Team

Health Alternatives in Hua Hin

Today in modern lifestyle “stress” seems to be considered as a major influence to overall health and has major effects in our well-being. Most of discomfort and pain such as neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, stiff fingers, cold hands and feet including poor digestive problem of constipation, gastric reflux and sleeping disorder have become common dis-ease to our living. Once the stress takes over your body, it has major effects on muscle tension that could result in poor circulation and poor nerve impulse. People may respond to these problems as weakness and try to overcome these conditions with hyperactive movement.

Stress has been seen as a factor that affects body, mind and emotional well-being. Once the body stresses it loses their natural resource of energy thus result of poor motivation and could be shown as poor posture. In general if we all have energy to cope with difficult situations we can foresee this task as challenges to overcome, however once the body is weak and it will be unable to overcome the situation, stress will start approaching your body, mind and emotion condition.

General relaxation techniques could be used to prevent you from accumulating too much stress, positive thinking is a better tool to deal with the situation, and mind training also helps everyone sustain the mind to rest and not be over active.

 At Sukkasart, integration of body and mind is the key to nurture happiness and life harmony as we live to love and be loved.

Your journey at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts starts from a holistic consultation to identify your needs and wants, and dis-ease of your physical, mental and emotional status, and recommend the treatments and wellness activities that bring you back to your own harmony.

Under the tree of happiness; Sukkasart also shares our passion on other activities:

  • Sukkasart Cultural Communication focuses on cross cultural communication and encourages everyone to speak with fluently with confidence as the key to their personal fulfillment.
  • Sukka Organization (Happiness in Organization) is to promote the flow of happiness throughout organizations ambience and manner and including a series of wellness activities and workshops.
  • The Institute of Healing Arts mainly facilitates everyone to discover their own seed of happiness and enjoy their journey of self fulfillment. The Institute is also offer the integration of body and mind workshops or alternative health workshops and courses including natural products. Everyone is welcomed to drop by and seek for health alternative advice and treatments.

Be part of Sukkasart community by join our fan page on Facebook on: Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts or contact us on Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts: 1991/20 Petchkasem Rd. (Sai Tai) Cha-Am, Phetchaburi 76120 Tel: 66(0) 32 442 820, 66(0) 81 858 3823 and follow Sukkasart blog

Sukkasart has been serving Hua Hin community for three years, it has provided the health alternative on body and mind integration treatments such as medical remedies massage, sound healing, energy work and meditation including various form of movements therapies of Tai Chi, Yoga and Creative Dance.

Due to the needs in the community itself as well as international travelers who visit  the healing center where treatment is provided, guests of various hotel spas throughout Cha-Am, Hua Hin and Pranburi areas also benefit from our services as we provide them with instructors and practitioners for activities and healing sessions including the spa training toward the well-being approach. Our passion at Sukkasart is to spread “the seed of happiness “to the community and it is the path for us to learn or educate ourselves to achieve a way of living in a balance of our body, mind and instill serenity within oneself.  Sukkasart represent our skills as an Institute of Healing Arts that focuses on training of “Healing Arts” and “Cultural Studies”; it is a place for everyone to learn for their own personal fulfillment to achieve “the life harmony”. Sukkasart Institute offers various courses of healing arts, namely: Thai Therapies Massage, Sound Healing, Reiki and Crystal Massage including Creative Dance, Yoga and Meditation. Additionally, we also offer cultural communication courses focusing on lifestyle communication which will be Medical English, Spa English, Thai Culture and Thai society study and also cross cultural courses for business and lifestyle. And to enhance your bodily harmony Sukkasart Institute also provides natural skin care and health products.

Sukkasart Institute will open on December 9th, 2010, located at 1991/20 Petchkasem Rd. (Sai Tai) Cha-Am, Phetchaburi 76120, Thailand (next to Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, just before approaching the tunnel) Tel : 66(0)32 442 820 or


And for anyone looking for health alternative treatments, Sukkasart@ Hua Hin at Hua Hin 106 remains to bring everyone to the path of well-being with vibrational therapies of ZenNaTai, Sound Healing and Biodynamic Cranialsacral therapy, please make appointments at

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