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ImageWhat’s up @ Sukkasart Hua Hin? (Winter 2013 toward 2014)

Through the great challenge of 2013, it is now time that we are looking for “peace within” to recharge ourselves and moving on to 2014. Sukkasart still remains your oasis of your body –mind and spiritual well being for Cha-Am and Hua Hin area.

We have refined our services and offerings seamlessly to clients’ needs, and this winter we will dedicate to “ Peace living” to promote a greater harmony to the new era. Come and join us for a complimentary consultation and plan your customized healing sessions:

The Healing Room


60/90 mins


A customized therapeutic medical massage, that works through the abdominal area, the main center of Chi (energy) that flows through the body, to release chest and cranial tension, stimulating lymphatic flow, helping to detoxify the body and bringing comfort to the body with a deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind.

Highly recommend for: for improving sleeping quality, improving digestion, increasing vitality, mental clarity and physical and emotional stress relieve.

Tibetan Sound Healing

60 mins


Tibetan singing bowls have long been used for centuries to invoke a deeper state of relaxation and balance the body’s energy, as the sound frequency resonates through the fluid tide within the body. Furthermore these healing bowls are used for holistic healing and chakra balancing and provide a sense of inner harmony.

Highly recommend for: For silencing the mind and inducing deep relaxation for people sensitive to touch.

Raindrop Therapy

60 mins


Originating from Native American tribal journeys, this energizing technique has been used for years as a highly effective method for balancing and rejuvenating body and mind, by allowing therapeutic grade oils to penetrate the skin and promote energy and vitality, when oils are properly applied to back and feet. This can promote electrical alignment and helps relieve discomforts caused by imbalances in the body by the spine.

Highly recommend for: For improving circulation.

Alchemy Meditation

60 mins


A meditation technique that combines breathing exercises to transform emotions and to promote the peace within.

Highly recommend: as a basic meditation form for busy people and improving health condition.

Private Retreat (5 days)


Your private retreat begins with holistic consultation and includes two hours of healing sessions per day tailored to your needs inclusive of ZenNaTai, Tibetan Sound Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, and specific meditation practices to reunite your body and mind into one. Receive meditation incense, Himalayan salt scrub, and natural shower gel along with body lotion to complete the rejuvenating experience in the privacy of your own space.

Highly recommend for: For transformation your body and mind to next level, or well being of body and mind.

Five Tibetan Rites Class

Every Sundays at 10 am (November 24th-Januray 26th)

Maximum 6 person per class

A class on five basic gentle exercises, as “ fountain of youth” to harmony your body and mind vitality.

Take home

Your peace-living journey

Himalayan Full Moon Healing Bowl


Your true healing masterpieces were made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the seven planets of GOLD- Sun, Mercury- Mercury, Iron- Mars, Lead- Saturn, Silver- Moon, Copper- Venus and Tin- Jupiter. Within the deeper understanding in Tibetan culture, the highest Lamas used these bowls for their rituals to travel to another level of consciousness.

The sound and vibration of the singing bowls is pure and universal, the frequency of the sound vibrates the water in our body; it helps the body to relax and slow down the busy mind, to calm down, allowing an inner peace. Singing bowls could be a good tool for meditation practice or induce the state of relaxation.

Our singing bowls are hand made during the Full Moon evening of each month enhancing the bowls with subtle moon energy infusing them with healing vibrations. The Singing bowls are chosen carefully through sound testing to ensure its healing properties, both for personal meditation practice and for therapeutic healing purposes.

You could experience the healing sound of the bowls through your own chakra resonance.

Peace Oil

Enhancing your grounding quality with a great blend of Spikenard and Artemisia oil that helps bring in stillness and inner peace.

Contra-Indication: pregnancy


Calm Oil

Promoting your own clarity with exclusive blend of Jasmine, creating your own space within.

Contra-Indication: pregnancy


Bliss Incense


These handmade incense have been made with noble intentions for preparing a meditative space (space clearing) by formulating the traditional Newari (Nepalese) medicinal herbs of Sandalwood, Aloes wood, Frankincense and Spikenard thus promoting calm, grounding and relaxing effect to your body and your mind.

How to use: burn the incense for 10-15 minutes in metal container to purify the air, and please keep incense in dry container for next usage.

Meditation Incenses


We have various handmade meditation and medicinal incenses from highland of Bhutan, that are made of 108 natural ingredients of precious flowers and herbs that grow at more than 4,000 meters in the Himalayas area. It is made to help to calm your busy mind and promote clarity.

Young Living Essential Oils

Improves physical health and emotional balance. Visit us for a consultation and experience the great effects of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Silk Skin Care


Our house –brand has been used in our community, we are well known of sericin (natural silk protein) products: gold leaf shower gels, body moisturizer and Himalayan salt scrub, our products are all paraben, SLS and SLES free.

For further information and inquiry please email:

Tel: +66(0) 81 858 3823

Institute of Healing Arts

Next coming course:

ZenNaTai : March 31st-April 4th

An ancient therapeutic medical massage treatment working through the abdominal area – the center of chi or energy flow in the body, and chest area for improving digestion and breathing qualities, including head and scalp to release cranial tension and improving concentration, this treatment stimulates lymphatic flow, helping to detoxify the body getting rid of toxins and negativity. It brings comfort and relief to the abdomen, induce the deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind.


Singing Bowl Therapy: April 5th-6th

The sound vibration has been shown to be a vital part of the healing process as the human body has a resonant frequency or energetic signature, that is woven from the many elements of body (water, minerals, etc.) creating an orchestrated symphony of tones that make up the physical form. This course is base on Himalayan handmade healing bowl that is specially made under full moon night thus providing subtle healing vibrations.

For further information and inquiry please email:

Tel: +66(0) 81 858 3823 or 087 568 2992



Sukkasart and Dr. Thongchai Thavichachart MD., former Director of Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) and Director of Psoriasis Patient treatment Project by Climatotherapy, shared their experiences on integrative approach at the seminar.

Psoriasis retreat programme is an overall holistic approach for Psoriasis weekend retreat for residents of Thailand. The first retreat will be on Friday – Sunday June 10th – 12th 2011 at The Imperial Lake View Hotel & Golf Club (HUA HIN).

Contact or 032-442-820 for more information and registration.

นพ. ธงชัย ทวิชาชาติ อดีตผู้อำนวยการสถาบันศูนย์ความเป็นเลิศด้านชีววิทยาศาสตร์ของประเทศไทย และผู้ก่อตั้งชมรมการบำบัดโรคสะเก็ดเงินด้วยพลังแสงแดดของประเทศไทย รวมทั้งทีมผู้เชี่ยวชาญทางธรรมชาติบำบัด ขอนำเสนอทางเลือกใหม่ด้วยวิถีธรรมชาติในการดูแลสุขภาพ เพื่อช่วยให้ท่านสามารถนำไปดูแลตนเองใน

ชีวิตประจำวันได้โดยนำองค์ความรู้ทางด้านการบำบัดด้วยพลังธรรมชาติของ “พลังแสงแดด” ที่มีระดับของ UV ที่เหมาะสม ที่เรียกว่า Climatotherapy ทีใช้พลังแสงแดดในยามเช้า และช่วงบ่ายในการบำบัด โดยการบำบัดครั้งนี้ได้เลือกใช้สถานที่ โรงแรมอิมพีเรียล เลควิว โดยนำเสนอวิถีในการดำรงชีวิตอย่างง่ายจาก สถาบันสุขศาสตร์ ที่ช่วยให้เกิดความสมดุลของกายและจิต เช่น การผ่อนคลายกายและจิต การรักษาความสมดุลของโครงร่างของร่างกาย การเคลื่อนไหวเพื่อลดความตึงเครียดของร่างกาย อาหารบำบัด ความสัมพันธ์ของอารมณ์และร่างกาย รวมทั้งการใช้พลังเสียงบำบัด ที่ช่วยสร้างความสมบูรณ์ของร่างกายและจิตใจ และเป็นวิถีชีวิตที่สามารถนำไปใช้ในการดูแลตนเอง และช่วยป้องกันการอักเสบของผิวหนังที่อาจเกิดซ้ำได้
วันศุกร์ที่ 10 – วันอาทิตย์ที่ 12 มิถุนายน 2554
สถานที่ : โรงแรม ดิ อิมพีเรียล เลค วิลล์ (ชะอำ)

สนใจข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม และ สมัครเข้าร่วมการโครงการได้ที่ หรือที่ 032-442-820

Sawaddee ka,

Below is our 2011 training schedule. All the trainings are conducted at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts.

Please contact us at for more information, registration and any inquiries. Also if you are interested in any training or workshops that haven’t been offered, feel free to drop us a line! We open for suggestions and new ideas

Look forward to seeing you at Sukkasart Institute!


Good day everyone!

We are sure that one of your New Year’s Resolutions this year is “to be healthy and happy”, so let us support you with our wellness activities that will help you be happy and healthy!

Check out our wellness activities for the month of February below


Feel free to contact us for class descriptions and any other questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts 🙂



Conelius is back @ Sukkasart with

ColourFool : Finding Your Essence through Colours workshops

January 24th-25th

ColourFool Level 1: Finding Your Essence through Colours

This is the introductory level of training, and it is suitable for anyone and everyone from all walks of life who would like to experience power of colour and introspection. However the outcome from this workshop can be a journey of selfdiscovery and self healing! For those interested to become a colour therapist/consultant, this is your first step into the world of colour.

(No pre-requisite. Duration: 2 days)

* What Is Colour? Where Do They Come From?

* Wavelength or Particle?

* How Do Our Eyes Perceive Colours?

* Colours in Nature: the Four Kingdoms

* Applications of Colour: the world of advertising and fashion

* The Mind-Body-Spirit Interface: Colour & the Chakras System

* Colour Dictionary: Your Own Language of Colour

* Primary Colours, Secondary Colours, Tertiary Colours

* Being-Centered Approach

* Colour Decoding: Reading between the Colours

* Intuitive Reading & Body Scan

* How Are You Feeling Today?

* Soul Potrait Painting

* Feng Shui Mandala

* Paint My Pain Body

* Healing Rays (hands-on colour vibrational healing)

* Colour Wheel

January 26th-27th

 ColourFool Level 2: Colour Psycho-Spiritual Therapy


As above so below, as within so without! This is a holistic, psycho-spiritual approach to healing the soul, mind and body. The ground work of one to one consultation is put forward; the process of therapeutic resonance of colour unfolds within this workshop.

(Pre-requisite: Level 1. Duration: 2 days)

* Basic Consultation Skills (Healthy relationship building, active listening, strategic questioning & mindful presence)

* Consultation Records: Documentations & In-depth Descriptions

* The Relationship of Change and Perceptions

* The Relationship of Change and Language

* Beingness: The Walk of Life

* Importance of Setting an Intention

* Concern Identif


* Exploration into the Root

* Mano, Pain Bodies, Imprints, Cellular Memories & their Relationship with Emotions

* Stepping into the Core

* Intervention- Untying the Knot

* Visual Journaling: The Coded Diary

* Writing a Script for Colour Meditation (homework)

* Healing the beginning and the end!

About Conelius

Cornelius is a  passionate consciousness explorer; his adventure began as an epidemiologist. His years of in-depth work with people living with HIV/AIDS have led him to look at the psychology of human behavior, for the prevention of infectious diseases.

A unique synthesis of the practical spirituality, medical science, social science, psychotherapeutic and metaphysics; Cornelius approaches life and his healing work with an integral concept that enables him to be able to cut through the abyss of human consciousness in this world of increasing complexity. He created the ColourFool series workshops to facilitate the evolution of consciousness.

He is a certified Reference Point Therapy Teacher & Pratitioner, Aura-Soma® Level II Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner. He is a trainer of UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) in Community Capacity Enhancement through Community Conversation. He has also gained certification from Sophia College of Counselling in Colour & Sound Therapy. He obtained certificate from LCCH in Clinical Hypnosis. He is also familiar with The Body Talk System™, Quantum Touch, Bach Flowers Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Sea & Butterfly Essences (Aura-Soma®).

His work integrates spiritual & vibrational healing approaches into psychotherapy techniques using human’s natural modalities in identifying the core issues, tapping into positive resources and achieving therapeutic resonance. His approach is transformative yet empowering.


Sawasdee ka!

Welcoming 2011 with love, joy and happiness!  Sukkasart is now growing as an institute of healing arts, under the collective intention of “the seed of happiness you can nurture” which has integrated cultural communication and hospitality services as part of the core values. We firmly believe that “once the happiness is seated in one’s heart, the happiness is certain to be shared to others.”

  • Sukkasart’s Cultural Communication focuses on cross cultural communication and encourages everyone to speak with fluently with confidence as the key to their own success.
  • Sukkasart Hospitality services are to promote the flow of happiness throughout organizations ambience and manner.
  • The Institute of Healing Arts mainly facilitates everyone to discover their own seed of happiness and enjoy their journey of self fulfillment. The Institute is also offer the integration of body and mind workshops or alternative health workshops and courses including alternative health services, activities and natural products. Everyone is welcomed to drop by and seek for health alternative advice and treatments.

As Sukkasart community expands, we are now located between Hua Hin and Cha Am, it is just before approaching the airport tunnel.

Looking forward to seeing you at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts!

Sukkasart team

Your activities @ Sukkasart

Cultural Communication

Join a free English lesson during weekend at Sukkasart

Saturday: 11 am. Lifestyle English (beginner)

3 pm. English for Hotel and Hospitality (all levels)

5 pm. Lifestyle English (intermediate)

Sunday:  11 am. Spa and Wellness English

3 pm. Kids English

Institute of Healing Arts

Group Meditation and chanting

Every Wednesday Evening at 6 pm. (from January 12th)

Meditation and chanting

Nurturing our love and compassion by practice mind training, as the group we are focused on positive thought and chanting vibration to recharging our body and mind.

ZenNaTai by Buathon Thienarrom Ph.D

January 17th-21st

ZenNaTai is an integrated therapeutic treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It comprises of a combination of Taoist Chi Massage, breathing techniques and posture analysis. It focuses mainly on the energetic centre of the body from which

the Chi flows through the internal organs thus helping rebalance their pertaining elements and emotio

ns. You will learn posture diagnosis, basic Chi healing, Stress related symptoms, illness in the abdominal area and self-healing techniques. Students are required to practice 50 hours of case study, and need an evaluation to become a certified Practitioner

Pre-requisite: Anatomy and Physiology, a minimum of 4 persons are required.

Your life essence within Colors

January 24th-25th

Level 1: ColourFool: Finding Your Essence through Colours

This is the introductory level of training, and it is suitable for anyone and everyone from all works of life who would like to experience colours and have some fun. However the outcome from this workshop can be a journey of self discovery and self healing! For those interested to become a colour therapist/consultant, this is your first step into the world of colour.

(No pre-requisite. Duration: 2 days)

January 26th-27th

Level 2: Colour Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

As above so below, as within so without! This takes you into the journey, a holistic approach to healing the soul, mind and body. The ground work of one to one consultation is put forward, at the same time dealing with a few self healing approaches. The process of healing through colours unfolds within this workshop.

(Pre-requisite: Level 1. Duration: 2 days)

Reservation is necessary, for further info please contact:, Tel: 66(0) 32 442 820 or 66(0)81 858 3823

Sukkasart 2011