Be well with Sukkasart

Go with the flow and keep your focus on spiritual well-being as the core on personal fulfillment

Signature blend of Oolong tea with aromatic rose, jasmine, globe amaranth and osmanthus thus uplifting your physical and mental energy.
Derived from the ritual of each palace for their own signature scent made from various flowers: jasmine, lotus, ylang ylang, rose, butterfly bush, bullet wood, leaves and honey to make these flowers fine smelling body perfume, for bathing and other purposes. This is based on the indigenous principle that pure water will extract the healing energy and scent from the flower.
Medicinal Incense from Bhutan
Medicinal Incense from Bhutan
Medicinal Incense from Bhutan
Medicinal Incense from Bhutan
Handmade Nag Champa incense
Space clearing incense powder


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