Embracing 2012 with the “life empowerment”, wishing the seed of happiness is seated into everyone heart to nurturing the body, mind and spiritual well-being.

Sukkasart has integrated the seed of happiness into practice as the healing hand of spa services; we slowly embodied the happiness virtue to a very unique holistic spa setting as Yai Ya resort, Hua Hin and Linka Spa at Songtsam Retreat, Shangri-la.

Sukkasart is also moving along with Sukha organization to enhancing the happiness as key to personal development through each individual and pursuing as core competency of the organization.

Sukkasart holistic training remains for on -site training, and healing services are base on appointment only.

Wishing the New Year brings you a great harmony of your body and your mind!

Buathon and Sukkasart team