This is an integration of basic healing practice and holistic body  work, the course has offer various techniques to generate the healing hand thus allow the student to make better connection with their client, and to guide their client to relax during the treatment. At the same learn to utilize breathing technique, and intention for their work, while ZenNaTai is the holistic approach that working by opening the cranial, chest and abdominal area to allow the deeper state of relaxation of body and mind.

After study this course, student will able to perform massage and use less on their own physical energy, and a step forward to holistic body work, and able to perform a ZenNaTai treatment after complete 50 hours of practice.

ZenNaTai (60 minutes)

An ancient therapeutic medical massage treatment working through the center of chi or energy flow in the body, and chest area for improving digestion and breathing qualities, including head and scalp to release cranial tension and improving concentration, this treatment stimulates the lymphatic flow, helping to detoxify the body getting rid of toxins and negativity, brings comfort and relief to the abdomen, induce the deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind.

NEXT Healing Practice and ZenNaTai

Venue:  Hong Kong 

Date : June 6th-9th

Time 10 am.-5 pm.

June 6th -7th

  • Healing Practice, Chi and Healing
  • Understanding posture manner, and the affect on physical  and mind condition
  • Body Meridian
  • Stress and Body mechanism
  • Mind training for therapist
  • Blockage and how to unblock
  • Negative Energy
  • Recharging energy and Self Healing
  • Practice


June 8th -9th

  • ZenNaTai : Treatment concept
  • Review basic anatomy and physiology of abdominal area
  • Posture Diagnosis
  • Internal Organs and emotion
  • How to approach the internal organs ( Hand Movement)
  • Guided breathing for the clients
  • Contraindication for the treatment
  • How to deal with client’s complaint during the session.
  • Step by step procedure on how to perform the treatment
  • Practice on massage techniques
If you are interested in ZenNaTai Training (HONG KONG) please contact for more information and registration.

Pictures from ZenNaTai Training (May 2011) HUA HIN, THAILAND