Sawasdee ka!

Welcoming 2011 with love, joy and happiness!  Sukkasart is now growing as an institute of healing arts, under the collective intention of “the seed of happiness you can nurture” which has integrated cultural communication and hospitality services as part of the core values. We firmly believe that “once the happiness is seated in one’s heart, the happiness is certain to be shared to others.”

  • Sukkasart’s Cultural Communication focuses on cross cultural communication and encourages everyone to speak with fluently with confidence as the key to their own success.
  • Sukkasart Hospitality services are to promote the flow of happiness throughout organizations ambience and manner.
  • The Institute of Healing Arts mainly facilitates everyone to discover their own seed of happiness and enjoy their journey of self fulfillment. The Institute is also offer the integration of body and mind workshops or alternative health workshops and courses including alternative health services, activities and natural products. Everyone is welcomed to drop by and seek for health alternative advice and treatments.

As Sukkasart community expands, we are now located between Hua Hin and Cha Am, it is just before approaching the airport tunnel.

Looking forward to seeing you at Sukkasart Institute of Healing Arts!

Sukkasart team

Your activities @ Sukkasart

Cultural Communication

Join a free English lesson during weekend at Sukkasart

Saturday: 11 am. Lifestyle English (beginner)

3 pm. English for Hotel and Hospitality (all levels)

5 pm. Lifestyle English (intermediate)

Sunday:  11 am. Spa and Wellness English

3 pm. Kids English

Institute of Healing Arts

Group Meditation and chanting

Every Wednesday Evening at 6 pm. (from January 12th)

Meditation and chanting

Nurturing our love and compassion by practice mind training, as the group we are focused on positive thought and chanting vibration to recharging our body and mind.

ZenNaTai by Buathon Thienarrom Ph.D

January 17th-21st

ZenNaTai is an integrated therapeutic treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It comprises of a combination of Taoist Chi Massage, breathing techniques and posture analysis. It focuses mainly on the energetic centre of the body from which

the Chi flows through the internal organs thus helping rebalance their pertaining elements and emotio

ns. You will learn posture diagnosis, basic Chi healing, Stress related symptoms, illness in the abdominal area and self-healing techniques. Students are required to practice 50 hours of case study, and need an evaluation to become a certified Practitioner

Pre-requisite: Anatomy and Physiology, a minimum of 4 persons are required.

Your life essence within Colors

January 24th-25th

Level 1: ColourFool: Finding Your Essence through Colours

This is the introductory level of training, and it is suitable for anyone and everyone from all works of life who would like to experience colours and have some fun. However the outcome from this workshop can be a journey of self discovery and self healing! For those interested to become a colour therapist/consultant, this is your first step into the world of colour.

(No pre-requisite. Duration: 2 days)

January 26th-27th

Level 2: Colour Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

As above so below, as within so without! This takes you into the journey, a holistic approach to healing the soul, mind and body. The ground work of one to one consultation is put forward, at the same time dealing with a few self healing approaches. The process of healing through colours unfolds within this workshop.

(Pre-requisite: Level 1. Duration: 2 days)

Reservation is necessary, for further info please contact:, Tel: 66(0) 32 442 820 or 66(0)81 858 3823

Sukkasart 2011